Friday, October 9, 2015

Matching March

Remember this:
The car race game you played on those handheld tetris game consoles?

And this:

A shape sorter?

Now what if you combine them?

It'd look just like that and we are proud to announce our new casual match game for Android: Matching March! Available on Google Play Store.

It was a blast to work on Matching March. The idea came from a stolen shape sorter toy (don't ask :)), but instead of simply matching shapes with shapes we added color matching to the formula. Also we wanted the game to be dynamic and fast paced so shapes started to move and that's when the car race concept collided with our own. So you get a point when you match an item with your color or shape also the distance you march adds to your score as a bonus. Easy right? To make it more interesting it also has a couple of really fun surprises inside the gift boxes. Just like the retro car race game Matching March gradually speeds up, too. And it's free.

With dynamic game play, simple controls and beautiful graphics this game will be a favourite among people of all ages. Please don't hesitate to rate or comment our title on Play Store. For any questions or suggestions feel free do send an e-mail to

For the love of matching! MATCHING MARCH!!

The shape sorter photo is taken by Ella's Dad,